Casio G-Shock GD-100MS-3ER

Casio G-Shock Gd-100Ms-3Er

The Casio G-Shock family of watches is becoming increasingly popular, because the models of this particular line are able to encompass an extremely sporty essence that does not exclude a certain style for all watch lovers.

G-Shock GD-100MS-3ER: Features

Casio G-Shock Gd-100Ms-3ErThis model of which we speak today is certainly comfortable to wear, large but not too much on the wrist given the large diameter, at the same time is very light so it can be worn without problems for the whole day. It has a real tough look, the features it offers are varied and the lighting is really intense and pleasing to the eye.

But let’s go into more detail : as regards the characteristics, we find ourselves in front of a clock able to indicate the exact time of 48 cities of the globe (perfect for travel lovers who want an instrument to stay up to date on what time it is in the world), a stopwatch and a timer, 5 independent alarms and two light diodes positioned at 6 o’clock for night time viewing.

You can also set the duration of the lighting from 1 to 3 seconds or choose the auto lighting through the rotation of the watch on the wrist. The case and the strap are made of synthetic resin, and the latter is very robust, like all the others in the G-Shock line.

The diameter of the case is 5.1 centimeters, while the thickness is 18 millimeters, all enclosed in only 73 grams of weight. Watch able to withstand an underwater pressure of 20 bar.

The price of this G-Shock is really convenient, you can get it from authorized dealers. It is clearly a massive watch, an object that every sportsman does not disdain, but comfortable to wear in everyday life, thanks to its comfortable, easily wearable and adjustable strap. The green camouflage color gives it a military area that is really very pleasant to the eye. Considered practically an indestructible watch to be worn for any sport, even the aquatic one’s thanks to its great resistance as mentioned above 20 bar.

Finding a defect in this particular model is really difficult, also doing a quick search on the web and reading the reviews of users who have purchased there are practically only positive for comments, especially from those who choose the G-Shock range for years and always appreciate the great resistance to impacts and reliability in general.

In conclusion, we can say without a doubt that buying the GD-100MS-3ER is a guarantee of durability, style and durability; each model of the line guarantees, thanks to the excellent workmanship of the materials, a prolonged resistance over the years, which pays off at great the price spent, thus certifying an unequaled price-quality ratio in its sector, ideal not only for adults but also for children who every day have to deal with bumps, and being this one of the less impressive models, will not be too big on the wrist. In short, a purchase really apt.

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Casio G-Shock Gd-100Ms-3Er Gents Watch
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Casio G-Shock Gd-100Ms-3Er Gents Watch
  • Watch of official supplier of Casio products
  • Dimensions: 51.2 mm X 55 mm
  • Eye-catching design

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