Casio GulfMaster GWN-1000

Immediately you notice the hands and just below the 6 o’clock a large digital display.

Code name? GWN-1000. Inside this, Casio beats the heart of a giant, a true ” Heart of the Ocean “, but its place is not in the neck but on the arm. This Casio G-Shock integrates sensors, barometric pressure, direction and ambient temperature. A Triple Sensor in all respects.

Thanks to the first sensor will be able to know in advance the changes in atmospheric pressure, and these data will be used by the software and converted to numbers that indicate the altitude at which you are located. Through the sensor direction, you will always know where the North and the last will of the temperature.

Features include an audible alarm that is activated whenever there is a sudden change in atmospheric pressure. This automatically makes us understand that we have on board the third generation of sensors Casio. The compass function, the second-hand points to be magnetic north and the angle will be directly displayed on the LCD display.

Being an Ocean Model Concept model displays a graph of the tides in preset locations, so you know in advance the conditions of the water in the port of destination, and this time, water resistance up to 200 meters against the canonical almost 100 local clocks Family Casio Pro Trek.

However, despite being a Casio G-Shock are some elements in common with the new Casio ProTrek PRW-6000, for example, less than 2 separate LEDs that illuminate the dial and display, respectively; Smart Access technology that simplifies access to the various functions by simply rotating the crown around the clock; shift function intelligent hands if they were above the LCD display and prevent us from reading it clearly. Different sounds depending on the function you are using, so you always know which sensor you are using. This is really a great feature and very promising.


Inevitable also here the functions of radio control (multiband 6) in order to display the correct time accurate to the millionth of a second and the Tough Solar to forget about having to change the battery. Stopwatch (24 hours), Countdown (60 minutes), World Time with 29 time zones, and also the calculation of the phases of the moon on different days of the year.

It will be available in different colors depending on the color: the color of the bezel and strap are black, blue or yellow in various combinations. Hardly changes the thickness of the case in the variant Casio GulfMaster GWN-1000 with 16.2 mm against 16 mm round. Unchanged width and height with 44.9mm and 55.8mm for a weight of 101 grams, slightly heavier than the Casio ProTrek PRW-6000 but it should be, because this Casio GulfMaster GWN-1000 Ocean Concept G-Shock has a soul!

This new Casio promises very well and has all the elements to become an inseparable traveling companion, especially for those who enjoy racing or traveling so much for the seas and oceans.

G-Shock GWN1000B Master of G Series Quality Watch - Black / One Size
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G-Shock GWN1000B Master of G Series Quality Watch - Black / One Size
  • Radio frequencies: 77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA);...
  • Radio wave reception: Automatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in...
  • Digital compass: Measures and displays direction as one of 16 points with the second...

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