Casio LA670WEA-7EF Ladies Watche

Casio LA670WEA-7EF

The Casio LA670WEA-7EF is a simple and elegant watch to wear every day, because of its small size is certainly aimed at a female audience, also has various functions: date, alarm, timer and time.

The weight of the Casio LA670WEA-7EF is only 91 grams, which makes it lightweight and easy to wear, the dimensions are 5 x 10 x 10 cm and are the standard for this square-shaped model. The dial is digital, with a series of buttons that allow you to adjust the date, time and activate the alarm and the timer in a simple and dynamic. Take advantage of a lithium battery, which is already supplied to the purchase.Casio LA670WEA-7EF

A watch that in a few years has become a must for both the man and the woman who does not want to give up elegance and a touch of sportiness at a very low price, you can buy this Casio for less than $60, through authorized sales points or online.

The real strength of this model is the value for money that makes it accessible to anyone, in two colors: silver and black. The materials are of excellent workmanship, pleasing to the eye, and can be easily adapted to any wrist: just slide the regulator on the strap and close it once the correct size has been found.

The strap and bracelet are made of stainless steel, details that ensure elegance and resistance at the same time, in the middle of the plastic panel displays the hour, including minutes and seconds. The clip closure is firm and as already mentioned can easily be adjusted according to your wrist measurements. The battery ensures perfect operation even for long periods, all surrounded by the impermeability of the entire product, which should be specified is not underwater, but resist well to splashes and splashes of water.

Casio LA670WEA-7EF functions :

  • Calendar day / date / month.
  • Stopwatch easy and convenient to use.
  • Daily alarm clock ready to shoot at the stroke of the set time.
  • Timer that provides different times with alarm.

As always, the details make the difference, and this Casio has all the necessary requisites: now it has become a cult object for lovers of the brand but not only, it also contains the essence of the eighties thanks to its small size and screen retro. Moreover, to be able to buy it at a convenient price like the one mentioned above is really a not indifferent detail.

In conclusion, we can say that the product, despite the advantageous price, is truly exceptional, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and ideal for any occasion, to always be fashionable and in line with the times, also recommended for those, looking for a low-cost sports watch, able to manage the time of an outdoor or gym workout, and that can be worn even after the conclusion of the same training, without renouncing the aesthetic taste.

Casio LA670WEA-7EF Ladies Silver Retro Digital Watch
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Casio LA670WEA-7EF Ladies Silver Retro Digital Watch
  • Watch of official supplier of Casio products
  • Dimensions: 24.6 mm X 30.3 mm
  • Eye-catching design

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