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You can read the Casio reviews of watches, discover the features and technical details and passionate about a brand that never ceases to amaze you.

Casio Fashion Watches and more

Casio watches have made history. Some models have become symbols of an era and style icons, so they have been recently taken over and revisited for the nostalgic fans of vintage fashion.

Casio, a Japanese company founded in 1946 and specialized in electronics, has long been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital wrist watches and handsets. Its history is packed with success. It was the first to market compact electronic calculators and is the only one to have the entire range of projectors with LampFree technology, which guarantees a low environmental impact but a lot of power and performance high.

For all, Casio is synonymous with wrist watches, beautiful, durable and extremely reliable thanks to the quartz movement that guarantees absolute precision. Some models even feature the Wave Ceptor feature that allows automatic synchronization with the atomic clock time signal, so you do not even miss a second. Let’s go back to the most important stages of this beautiful story that led Casio’s watches to the world’s conquest.

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History of Casio Watches

The Casio is a historical brand that has been updated over the years with various products. Casio’s story began in 1946 and in recent years is one of the colossus of technology that products range.

The official headquarters are located in Japan in Tokyo and after switching from calculators to cameras, it comes to watch production in 1974.

Today, Casio is one of Japan’s largest electronic giants located in Tokyo and factories all over Japan, producing calculators, computers, cameras and since 1974, Casio watches.

In short, Casio in the field of watches is always at the forefront. Every year new models and revisions of historic models with long-lasting batteries, innovative displays and unique design come to market. For all Casio fans, you will surely have fun and find on our site the best models and make a safe and enjoyable purchase.

During these first 70 years of activity, Casio has produced a wealth of wrist watches that have been able to conquer customer’s thanks to a unique and always recognizable style. Casio watches are a real guarantee: clean design and impeccable quality always leave you satisfied. The materials used are safe and durable, which means that Casio watches last a long time while maintaining good performance.

The world’s first real success of the company dates back to the early 1970s with the launch of the historic Casiotron: this is the first wristwatch with a digital dial that has really revolutionized the way of reading the clock and ” bringing it ” to the wrist.

In the early 1980s Casio, now a world leader in the watch market, launched its first analogue-digital combined clock. Following are Databank watches, according to some early ancestors of modern smartphones and smart watches as they allowed to register numbers and codes.

In 1983 is another magical year for the Tokyo company: the G-SHOCK, a truly indestructible wristwatch, is still being sold, thanks to the high quality and the wide choice of models.

The research and development of innovative solutions does not stop and in the late 1980s, the first model of solar energy was marketed. No more batteries to replace (and dispose of), the energy comes from a tiny panel on the dial.

Right at the beginning of the next decade, Casio renews the capabilities of the Databank and builds a model with the first interactive pressure dial to gain access to agenda functions – this is the first touch screen in history.

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In the following years, the Japanese company enriched the already large range of watches, launching increasingly dedicated versions of specific targets, such as Baby-G, the G-Shock designed for women with the same features and functions but with A more feminine design.

At the end of the 90s, the Pro-Trek, a wristwatch with new very useful features for passionate and hiking and climbing professionals such as compass, barometer and altimeter, arrives.

The new millennium begins and for the occasion, Casio is still astonished. In 2000 launches Wrist Camera, the first integrated digital camera clock. Reliable, technological and lightweight is a real jewel.

The history of Casio watches is a succession of great successes that have rightly made the Japanese company one of the best known in the world. In addition to constant innovation, Casio’s strong point is the highest quality ever guaranteed on both the sophisticated and the simplest models.

Now that you’ve got some information about Casio’s story and the main models we see why you should buy a Casio watch.

Why buy a Casio watch?

Casio watches are definitely one of the products that fit both a youthful and refined style, and that’s why they are loved by both young guys and managers and distinct people. They also feature sturdy features and rugs and a design that never dies and is always alive in time.

As we will see, we find unisex watches, those for him and her. The straps vary from metal to lighter ones until they reach the collection dedicated to children with simplified features.

That being said, we come to the main reasons why we should buy a case watch :

  • The Brand : surely as we have seen casio is a historical brand and therefore a symbol of unique style and design.
  • Resistance: They are durable watches that last over time. Their rugs are robust and resist mud and weather.
  • Duration: They are long-lasting watches. They have long-lasting batteries.
  • Functionality: Casio watches are always distinguished by their features, from digital calendars, to pedometer, and so on.
  • Warranty : Guaranteed for 2 years and some more models.
  • Price : They are quality watches and with a low price.

Casio is a guarantee of originality, fashion and design. Definitely a watch that will never go out of style and with essential and effective features!

How to choose a Casio watch?

First, it is necessary to be wary of imitations. On our site, you are sure to buy original and reliable case watches. So it is important to know that the purchase is safe and guaranteed.

The other step to do is to evaluate your needs, you want a unisex watch that goes well both to him and to her? Here’s the story has a category dedicated to unisex or specific watches by humor or woman.

Do you need specific features? Or do you need a clock with calendar, agenda etc? Do you need a clock that points calories, the  distance traveled? Here again, Casio has models suitable for those who practice sports.

We find the Casio Pro-Trek and G-Shock collections. Finally, the other difference we should make is between an analog and digital clock. In short, Casio allows you to make a wide choice so you can buy the models that fit.

At the site of our site, you will have a wide choice of Casio watches to choose the one that best suits your design, model and price needs.

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