Citizen Aviator Eco Drive

The World of Watches has often paid tribute to that great period, inspired by the style of the first practical and essential flight instruments, reporting faithfully the characteristics of small-scale, or on Watches.

Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive Watches Collection in the recent for the year 2014, has dedicated a small line calling Citizen Aviator: simple lines, the round case with screw-in bottom diameter of 45 mm and a seal guaranteed up to 10 atm.

Quadrants colored sepia-toned, delicate in perfect combination with the stainless steel and treated with Ip Black. Determining the choice of straps, in soft leather or fabric, the latter already being used on other models from previous collections and much appreciated by the audience.

The engine, if we are allowed the term, is environmentally friendly: it does not produce slag being in charge of light.Citizen-Aviator-2

It is no longer necessary to replace the battery periodically and is sufficient to expose the watch to light to get a few hours of operation for some time.

A proven system to Citizen that a few years ago no longer produced quartz watches.

A charge that makes natural to think about the flight of a glider, capable of reaching distances important and maneuvered in the air surrounded by absolute silence; the same as your Citizen Eco-Drive provides your wrist: a continuous motion, silent and to come clean. Opportunity to be seized ” on the fly. ”

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's AW1361-10H Sport Stainless Steel Watch with Brown Leather Band
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