Citizen BM1340-58L, who can give the most?

Citizen BM1340-58L

If we evaluate the technical and technological characteristics of this beautiful timepiece, we find that its price puts it in a position to outperform all competitors in each sector of the market, up to models that have a cost mathematically multiple.

Citizen, we have become accustomed to these performances, inserting in its collections exclusively watches that have a value winning against all competitors, but would assert without fear of contradiction that in this case, they have achieved something that is unbelievable .

Let’s see in detail some of the functions and features that make this a special watch Citizen BM1340-58L. Citizen BM1340-58L is equipped with a module Citizen enriched by the system of charging infinite Eco-Drive, which has reached the maximum reliability and allows the true sense of the word to abandon the worry of battery change.

Case and bracelet are Supertitanium, or in that material processed in laboratory’s Citizen, and that is five times stronger than titanium and traditional at the same time 40% lighter than stainless steel. This allows you to have an absolutely hypoallergenic, lightweight and with tenacity and strength greater than every similar in price.

Not for nothing Citizen BM1340-58L was inducted into the Collection Supertitanium, namely the pay line of the Japanese brand that collects all watches made of a special alloy studied by engineers of the mark obtained by the bombardment of the titanium ions (then a ” working ” at the atomic level), to create a true protective casing on the surface, without having to add material, indeed physically modifying the upper part of the pre-existing. This process, at the scientific level was defined IP+Ti Titanium or more treatment in ion plating.

But the difference that defines clearly the superiority of this clock compared to all others, is the simultaneous presence of other factors of high quality together with those already set forth. We find that Citizen BM1340-58L has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, screw back and of a movement that has passed the selective and rigorous controls of Nissan. The accuracy of the normal Citizen quartz has become the yardstick for fans of Clocks around the world, and manages to remain constant over time. A word should be absolutely spending also for aesthetics.


In the specific case of Citizen BM1340-58L the House wanted to send the message of its technological vocation, also focusing on the friezes aesthetic design. They have this value false socket head bolts placed symmetrically on the case middle, reflecting the technical reason that the brand enjoys in the world.

The crown, perfectly sized to the diameter ” magic ” of mm. 42.0, is finely machined so as to oppose a comfortable grip and a very nice feature. Everything, in fact, in every Citizen motivation technique, conjugated through appealing aesthetics, such as the further choice of the color blue, which combined with gray technical Supertitanium and the delicate touch of fine yellow hand of minutes, contrasts sharply and easy to read with the hands main enriched luminova, the new material that guarantees at night and in the dark the best vision, without triggering effects radio-active.

No doubt about it, then: Citizen BM1340-58L is proposed as one of the protagonists of the catalog of the brand, but also at the same time, as a best-selling of the season.

Citizen: Who can give more?