Citizen Satellite, another step forward

It seems not to stop more impressed by the pace of technological watchmaking Citizen Electronics. The market is still pleasantly shocked by Satellite Air Wave, the first wristwatch satellite able to connect with the space through even a single connection with one satellite, the Japanese giant proposes another revolutionary timepiece.

The characteristics that make the outstanding brand new Citizen Satellite Wave Air F100 are of various kinds, but all very important and significant, much to the embarrassment of the choice to put the reporter about the first to be mentioned. We then follow a particular order, are sure that the reader will understand that they are not listed on the list of importance.

First, it must be said that the engineers of Citizen wanted to improve performance intrinsic this timepiece, is that the basic ones that do their work even in the absence of the signal from the satellite.

Citizen F100 offers a level of precision record, or never before reached, even without the aid of the receiver, being able to guarantee a precision stand-alone with a gap of only 5 seconds per year, compared to the 15 previous. But the news is certainly more egregious by the enrichment of functions and aesthetic-looking, much more graceful and consonant with portability absolutely ” city “.

The newest satellite Citizen has a revolutionary control system of the available energy, which exceeds the simple indicator of power reserve, while available on its face, and that can measure not available light but the light energy ” captured ” and made available to the circuits.

This function marks an important step and frees the user from the ambiguity of the uncertainty around the clock power, finally indicating a certain fact and not theoretical. Even the display of this function has been greatly simplified, since it is present on the main dial and accessible through a button, which overlaps the hands and leads to one of the index times between ” 0 ” and ” 7 ” depending on the light involved in energy production. This feature has obviously needed a perfect integration in the Eco-Drive, which it was further refined and improved in performance.

CITIZEN-Eco-Drive-SATELLITE-WAVE-F100We have mentioned above the size of the watch: they constitute a further world record, being contained in a thickness of only mm. 12.4, for a diameter of mm. 45.4, which make Citizen F100 the thinnest satellite powered by solar cells in the world, and definitely a watch brings beautiful also in the elegant occasions. A key part of the construction of this timepiece epochal, is made also by the novelty of the materials used.

Citizen, already creator of Supertitanium or Titanium treated IP, and then at the atomic level , has equipped its F100, at least in relation to two of the three models in which is declined, a treatment called DLC stands for Diamond-Like Carbonium, which carries the titanium surface of the clocks to a hardness similar to that of the diamond through the use of carbon.

Perpetual calendar, also programmed to calculate leap years, and an indication of a good 40 time zones, complete a picture that close to perfection. The three models of Citizen F100 available, will soon be in the windows of dealers, through a very limited distribution, destined to very few franchisees who have demonstrated a particular skill and sensitivity in this area hyper-specialized.

One of the three versions, namely the reference CC2004-08E, will be produced in a limited and numbered edition of only 500 pieces worldwide. The other models meet the following references: CC2006-61E, with black dial and case Titanium DLC, and CC2001-57A, in the version with silver-colored dial and case in titanium. But you should not make the mistake of believing that the other two models will be easy to acquire.

The very fact that they will be present in a few select windows, combined with the great expectations which has developed from fans and insiders, from the first presentation took place at Baselworld in March, has resulted a number of bookings and requests for information that suggest a rapid depletion of stocks. Add to this that the policy of standardization, which has led to Citizen for the satellite system, involved also the price, which is exceptionally favorable for this new product that promises to be very interesting from the historical aspect. Many collectors have become to realize this and await wisely the first exhibitions of sites and storefronts.