Citizen Super Titanium CA4010

One of the latest creations refers to the range of watches called ” everyday “, or those timepieces that rhythm to constantly daily life of each of us.

The new collection refers to the most-recent Super Titanium, watches that have not only high-level technical characteristics from the point of view of the electronic module and of the movement, but also superlative’s concepts developed during the construction phase, for the materials used and for the technological devices, and that are declined in several versions at any price.

Today we analyze in depth Citizen Super Titanium CA4010, belonging to the family of a chronograph watches Citizen spreads symbolically in relation to its range in the year 2014, and which are intended to mark the ” watershed ” between watch making ” normal ” and the technically sophisticated, without rage on the price parameter.

The basic features of the watches of serious CA4010 is what you would expect to find in a quality chronograph, but are cleverly outclassed by the construction of the line, which brings to each of the models significant added value in terms of quality.

It should first be recalled that the formula of the treatment of Titanium patented by Citizen has now reached a level of almost absolute perfection, with the result of possessing a tenacity and a resistance never achieved until now. It well known that the SuperTitanium, or the Titanium + IP, can achieve a resistance to shocks and scratches well 5 times greater that the Titanium ” normal ” , while its lightness comes to be 40% less than that of steel.

Citizen-Super-Titanium-CA4010-2What you should add to this knowledge base, which is currently Citizen skillfully manages to work and further process this material, to make it absolutely docile in the hands of engineers and technician’s Citizen, for the exaltation of aesthetics and pleasure of ‘ user. The new gauge’s Citizen, used to CA4010-58L are of course equipped with the Eco-Drive power system, which is also now in its seventh generation. Currently, Eco-Drive is capable of providing about 180 days of charging in the dark, with only two hours of exposure to light.

It should be emphasized that the cells conceived by Citizen are able to be very active also in case of exposure to artificial light, as also sensitive to the gradations of light is not natural, and therefore with a very wide range of Kelvin. Another important aspect enhanced by Citizen Super Titanium CA4010, like all his brothers from the same collection, is a low-power operation, now reduced to the threshold of a few uA. This parameter should not be underestimated, as it allows the cells and accumulators to be very efficient. It is a given critical Clocks Electronics because from it also depends on the minimum threshold of operation, used in the laboratory to verify that the correct sliding of the gear train.

If we are honest, we must recognize that these issues are addressed publicly by a few manufacturers, and Citizen, however, from its safety, makes its flagship products. Of course, praise be allocated to Citizen CA4010 does not end here. The watch has a sapphire crystal with very high transparency, anti-scratch, and impermeability tested at 10 atmosefe, or the static pressure in the deep sea of ​​100 m.

The chronograph is able to indicate 1/5 of a second, and is presented with the system called ” tri-compass “, then three counters. The index are applied and, like the hands. A brief mention should be addressed also to the aesthetics of the dial levels, as well as the choice of colors as always elegant and modern, as well as bold. Very well finished buttons, characterized by the terminal diameter slightly oversized.

The crown is crafted with taste, but also to offer a very effective grip. All contained in a price at which we are used to seeing watches much lower quality and prestige, as well as performance that is non-existent in comparison. Just so proud to present the Citizen CA4010 as it shows the level of technology in a field where the competitors do not know how to go beyond the most trivial normal.