Difference between Kinetic and Automatic Watch

The Automatic Watch

The automatic watch is a classic watch that has a very important feature: thanks to the flick of the wrist, the user of the watch will be able to be able to load automatically without having to do anything, such as having to replace the battery or turn the wheel to give it a charge. This feature is automatic: at the bottom of the clock, and not at all uncomfortable for the wearer picks up even the slightest movement of the wrist, and is activated automatically, giving precisely the position the clock, then will never have to undergo maintenance.

Every single part that composes the clock mechanism is very resistant to both water and dust, and guarantees a great resistance of the device. The benefits, therefore, consists in breaking down the cost of the battery, which will not be replaced, and also the fact that water or dust does not ruin it. There are also some drawbacks: if the clock is not used for a long time might be difficult to load, as it is necessary to move a lot of the wrist, and is also low impact strength against sharp edges or other surfaces, as well as falls.

The Kinetic Watch

The kinetic watch is always a classic wristwatch, which shows a different feature: also without a battery, to be able to load the user simply has to turn the wheel that is on the outside of the watch, giving it thus permitting the rope and its operation. The user can observe how the operations of the two clocks are similar, and as the clock kinetic should be slightly more controlled, since they have to constantly give a rope.

The flaw lies in the fact that if the wheel that allows him to run the watch becomes damaged, the item must be replaced. The benefits are rather in the fact that it is the breaking of the mechanical parts is almost impossible, given the great strength of the parties themselves, who manage to survive impacts of media entities as well as water and dust.


If you want to be sure that your watch will always work, and there should always be reloaded, and if you are very careful people, the automatic watch model is suitable for users, and if the clock is not used consistently, and you cannot even live without it, protecting it from damage by different entities, the clock is the kinetic model that suits their own, as can be loaded only when needed.